Last month, I was invited to Melbourne for a pharmacometrics conference: Population Approach Group of Australia & New Zealand (PAGANZ) meeting. It was great getting to know some more pharmacometricians and really digging into the problems they face, specifically in statistical inference as applied to PK/PD models.

It was a busy trip with talks / workshops lined up on all three days:

  • One day Stan course as part of Population Analysis Work Shops (PAWS) taught by myself and Sam Brilleman.
    Slides (pdf)

  • ISoP Lecture at PAGANZ titled “Stan Meets Pharmacology.”
    Slides (pdf)

  • Melbourne Stan Meetup talk titled “Understanding lp__: proportionality constants and (automatic) transforms.”
    Slides (pdf)

I wanted to fill in some of the motivation, especially for the pace of the short course.

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