Not all reductions in tumor size are equal (SITC 2020 poster)

We recently presented our poster at SITC 2020.

Note: the full text of the abstract is here. download the poster.

Main findings: Not all reductions in tumor size are equal in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC).

  • Subjects with tumor shrinkage on a PD-L1 inhibitor had improved survival vs subjects with similar tumor shrinkage on VEGF inhibitors, MEK inhibitors, or chemotherapy drugs.

  • Among combination therapies, the aPD-L1 + aCTLA-4 combo showed a similar improvement in survival among responders as the aPD-L1 inhibitor alone.

Although we characterized this finding using a Joint Model, it is also evident when plotting Kaplan-Meier survival estimates by category of tumor shrinkage.

The improved survival benefit for the same tumor shrinkage was observed among subjects with high (>25%) PD-L1 expression and low (<= 25%) PD-L1 expression on tumor cells.

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