Generable (formerly Stan Group) was formed in 2016. For some background on us, see “Why Generable”.

If you’re interested in generative models, productizing Stan programs, or just want to reach out:


Eric Novik is the CEO of Generable. Prior to Generable, Eric was a Data Scientist at TIBCO Spotfire where he built statistical applications for customers in Financial Services, Energy, Pharma, and Consumer Goods Sectors. In 2010, Eric started Risktail, an options analytics software company for retail traders. During the financial crisis of 2007-2009, he traded listed options and later spent two years in the Equity Derivatives Technology group at Barclays Capital. He has an MA in Statistics from Columbia University.

Daniel Lee, CTO, is an applied Bayesian statistician. He worked with Andrew Gelman at Columbia from 2009–2017, working on Stan starting in 2011. He has a MASt (Master of Advanced Study aka Part III) from Cambridge and a B.S. in Mathematics with Computer Science (18C) from MIT. As a key member of the Stan development team, he works on architecture, design, and implementation of most of the C++ libraries and how they interact with each of the interfaces.